Loyalty Matters to Millennials – It Matters a LOT

Millennials have BILLIONS to spend – hundreds of billions actually – and attracting them to your brand isn’t as complicated as you’d think. What attracts them? Rewards. What keeps them? Loyalty. And when you reward them for their loyalty, you’ve got the makings of a long-term customer. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? It gets better: […]

PunchTab is Heading to Austin- We’re Bazaarvoice Summit Sponsors!

May 12-14 marks the 7th Bazaarvoice Summit in Austin Texas, and PunchTab is proud to be a sponsor! We hear things are bigger in Texas, and we’ve been told this will be the biggest, baddest Bazaarvoice event yet. We’re very much looking forward to learning from, and speaking with, some of the best brand marketers, […]

Giving Brands Flexibility and Insights While Delivering Engaging Consumer Experiences

We recently launched Engagement Hub, a new PunchTab solution that combines earned and owned media in a compelling, interactive destination for consumers, and delivers the engagement insights that every data-driven marketer dreams about. Marketers can now capture both incentivized and organic engagement in any program or campaign, on any channel, and interact with different consumers […]

Reward Enabled Emails

We keep hearing people say that email marketing just isn’t working well anymore. Inboxes are crowed, time is limited, and message penetration is suffering. But from our research, we know customers often prefer to hear from brands via email. And the great thing about that? Unlike a Twitter stream or Facebook feed, email is persistent. […]

Omni-Channel Loyalty: Why it Matters and What it Means for your Business


When it comes to acquisition, conversion, and retention- we face the same challenges you do. The cool thing about marketing to marketers is that we’re our own perfect audience. The latest trends and technology that get discussed, the “How do we…?” questions that get asked, the “What were they thinking?” or “Solid commercial” commentary we’ve […]