Webinar: How Digital Marketers Engage on Social Media

Digital marketers are always-on, always learning, and always wondering what their peers are doing. (Yeah, we know you.) And we’re in the same camp. We like to know who’s reading what, who’s following who, who’s tweeting the best stuff that we can retweet in a continuing effort to make ourselves look like amazing sources of […]

Marketing Levers Demystified

  Marketing in modern times can be an overwhelming task. (Yeah, I know- you’re familiar.) There’s so much to consider, across so many channels (omni-channel, with mobile in the mix, if you really want to be competitive) – no one could blame brands for longing for simpler times. The upside is that more information is […]

Mobile Tracking Is a Tough Sell

So here’s the bad news: Brands and marketers looking to use mobile tracking as the next step in their loyalty or marketing campaigns are up against more resistance than they may have thought. (Spoiler alert: There IS hope.) While it’s true that mobile tracking, in combination with big data and gamification techniques, offers an opportunity […]

Loyalty and Data – The Perfect Pairing for PURELL®

So we’ve got some pretty cool customers here at PunchTab. And we get pretty excited when they get the recognition they deserve. A few weeks back PunchTab co-hosted a fireside chat at the Brand Innovators Consumer Engagement Conference with Kathleen Leigh, Marketing Director, for PURELL® Consumer, E-Commerce and Shopper Marketing. And let me tell you- […]

The PunchTab Family Expands with New Advisor Kiersten Hollars

PunchTab is very much a family affair. If you’ve never had the opportunity to hear founder Ranjith Kumaran talk about startup teams, the WuTang Clan, and company growth- you’ve been missing out. He’s pretty passionate about company DNA- an ideology core to PunchTab. So naturally our early team was comprised of several former “YSI-ers” and […]