Your Marketing Fails When You Lose Focus

Seniors. Boomers. Xers. Millennials. Posts. Brands spend a lot of time figuring out how to effectively market to each of these demographics. But is it time well spent? Understanding audience is essential, of course, but there’s no magic formula. And you can’t possibly market to everybody at once, nice as that would be. Yet that’s […]

Important Facebook Policy Changes from Our Guy Chad

So I have favorites. We’re not supposed to. But… I’m only human. And if you met Chad, he’d be one of your favorites, too. Many people take their birthday’s off work. Not Chad. He took the day AFTER off. (Brilliant planning, my friend.) He has a cat named Duster. He’s a writer. (Novel pending!) He’s […]

Retailers and CPG Brands, We Feel Your Pain

Some retailers will never know what it’s like to be the low man on the totem pole. Even during times of economic crisis, people need to eat and put gas in their cars. But when the economy isn’t thriving, most other purchases become secondary, and that makes it even harder for retailers and brands that […]

Webinar: How Digital Marketers Engage on Social Media

Digital marketers are always-on, always learning, and always wondering what their peers are doing. (Yeah, we know you.) And we’re in the same camp. We like to know who’s reading what, who’s following who, who’s tweeting the best stuff that we can retweet in a continuing effort to make ourselves look like amazing sources of […]

Marketing Levers Demystified

  Marketing in modern times can be an overwhelming task. (Yeah, I know- you’re familiar.) There’s so much to consider, across so many channels (omni-channel, with mobile in the mix, if you really want to be competitive) – no one could blame brands for longing for simpler times. The upside is that more information is […]