We recently launched Engagement Hub, a new PunchTab solution that combines earned and owned media in a compelling, interactive destination for consumers, and delivers the engagement insights that every data-driven marketer dreams about.

Marketers can now capture both incentivized and organic engagement in any program or campaign, on any channel, and interact with different consumers segments in a singular place. Individual incentive features can be dialed up or down to suit the needs of a particular brand. This way, brands can reach prospects who might not be interested in signing up for a program or sweepstakes, but who would still be interested in engaging with or learning more about the brand, pushing users through the purchase funnel. Through Engagement Hub, PunchTab offers complete data and insights to track and understand consumer behavior and optimize for future marketing efforts. (And what marketer doesn’t want that!?)

“Traditional programs and campaigns often create great user generated content that gets lost. With Engagement Hub the content is moderated, featured, and used for acquisition, deeper engagement, increased sharing, and connecting a community,” said Ranjith Kumaran, Founder and CEO of PunchTab. “Marketers can capture both organic and incentivized engagement, and easily identify user segments, something we believe will make this product an asset for our CPG and retail customers in meeting business goals and getting the most out of their marketing spend.”

A leading CPG brand used PunchTab’s Engagement Hub to manage its most recent engagement campaign. The site curates and highlights branded content, alongside user generated content, like tweets and Instagram pictures. PunchTab was able to deliver a seamless experience highlighting campaign engagement — and at the same time, identify influencers, segment users, and learn which content is the most compelling to each segment of their audience. Pretty cool stuff.

We’d love to talk more about how Engagement Hub can help your brand. Email us at sales@punchtab.com if you’d like to schedule a demo!

Reward Enabled Emails-

We keep hearing people say that email marketing just isn’t working well anymore. Inboxes are crowed, time is limited, and message penetration is suffering. But from our research, we know customers often prefer to hear from brands via email. And the great thing about that? Unlike a Twitter stream or Facebook feed, email is persistent. Your message won’t be missed because of a friend’s  dinner/baby/cat picture filling up the page and pushing down your message. No algorithms to game, no check-in’s to battle.

But we also know that with the fancy new gmail tabs, marketing emails are quickly shoved under “Promotions” or “social”, and more easily dismissed. So what’s a marketer to do?

As a team, PunchTab has always been “reactive”. Our founders have been committed to the core principle that as a company, we listen to the market, are receptive to the needs of our customers, and build quality products that solve real business problems. It’s a strategy that requires less talking and whole lotta patience, but inevitably, it works.

So with that, we’re excited to share another product that has been born from this ideology. The PunchTab app for Exact Target.

So what does this integration mean for new and current PunchTab users?
With the PunchTab app for ExactTarget, users can now:

•    Reward users for subscribing, opening, clicking and forwarding emails and newsletters.
•    Understand and reward consumers for specific behaviors that lead to purchases both online and offline, on any channel.
•    Create complete consumer profiles that track and measures online and offline behaviors
•    Create dynamic, trigger-based communications that are more personalized and relevant based on behavioral data from the PunchTab platform

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about getting this with your Expand account. (sales@punchtab.com)


When it comes to acquisition, conversion, and retention- we face the same challenges you do.

The cool thing about marketing to marketers is that we’re our own perfect audience. The latest trends and technology that get discussed, the “How do we…?” questions that get asked, the “What were they thinking?” or “Solid commercial” commentary we’ve all got about the latest campaigns… it’s the universal stuff of the marketer’s mind. And we’re in the same boat as our customers.

Web, social, mobile, email, retail… the number of channels on which consumers communicate is growing, as is the amount of noise. And because like I said, we track trends, too, we know that loyalty programs are kind of a big deal right now. But loyalty programs that exist on all those channels of consumer engagement are really where it’s all.  By leveraging omni-channel loyalty programs, you can keep customers engaged and your brand top of mind with a consistent and personalized experience. (We’ve seen it work.)

When you’re looking to drive brand preference, sales, or social advocacy- omni-channel loyalty programs are key. But still many marketers are sifting through what it all means and how it could impact their business. So. We’re doing a webinar to clear things up.

Join PunchTab’s Superwoman, Angela Sanfilippo and Loyalty360 as we chat about the key benefits, risks and approaches to developing a successful omni-channel loyalty program.

And without further adieu, here’s the standard copy block you’d expect:

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of omni-channel loyalty programs to the success of brands and marketers
  • How to reduce the perceived risks in starting an omni-channel loyalty program
  • How to leverage the real business opportunity in omni-channel loyalty programs and identify the leading drivers of purchase behavior
  • How to get a 360 degree view of consumer behavior to deliver targeted messages and increase conversions

So go register now and join us this Thursday, September 12th, to learn why omni-channel loyalty programs matter, and how to use them to your advantage. (And we won’t even be mad if you do that thing where you register knowing you’ll listen to it later.)

And here’s the link one more time. Got it? See you Thursday.


We’re in a new era of technology.

Consumers are now engaged on more channels, more often, than they’ve ever been before. With web, social media, and email literally available at their fingertips, brands struggle to rise above the noise and penetrate those crowded inboxes and overflowing social streams. The goal of engagement is to build long lasting relationships with customers… the question has been, “How?” PunchTab has the answer.

Multi-channel loyalty programs.

Now, when we say “loyalty programs”, we’re not talking about those traditional credit card points programs or your old school airlines miles. Things have evolved a bit. Using platforms like PunchTab, organizations from casual dining and retail chains to ecommerce sites and CPG brands are now rewarding customers for engaging with their social channels, products, and websites. But the one channel that hasn’t been touched with this new kind of engagement is email.

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There’s a whole lot of information out there about loyalty programs, and yet there seems to be a whole lot of confusion.

Hard to believe, but some brands are still only rewarding transactions and missing out on all the fantastic WOM, social sharing, content consumption and UGC they could be incentiving right now. And from what we’ve heard, some brands are still afraid to launch a program, buying into misconceptions about how loyalty programs can work, how much they cost, and what really motivates people to take actions.

So the PunchTab team took a cue from the always-awesome Discovery Channel and we’re playing Mythbusters!

But of course, we didn’t stop there. Not only are we dispelling concerns, we’re showing you how to successfully use incentives to encourage customers and prospects to take the actions that matter most for your brand!

Distilling truth from fiction, Mythbusting Incentive Programs, takes a look at common myths associated with incentives programs and busts them up with real life examples from companies such as Alexia Foods, Arby’s, Green Day and more!

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