Customizing PunchTab for your site

We’ve had many many requests for customizing the look and feel of the rewards tab on the hundreds of sites that now use PunchTab. While we’re not ready to support this in a point and click manner we have written some basic tutorials on how to do a little or a lot of customization. Here are links to some customization how-tos, we assume that you know some HTML and CSS to get started:

1. Changing just the red Rewards tab image

2. Completely customizing the look and feel and position of the Rewards tab

3. Changing the look and feel of our newly-released sidebar widget

4. Turn off the little red ribbons that appear next to your social sharing buttons

In the not too distant future we’ll have a point and click customization wizard, so hang in there!

If you get around to customizing any of the above please post a link here so that others can learn from what you’ve created!