Customizing PunchTab for your site

We’ve had many many requests for customizing the look and feel of the rewards tab on the hundreds of sites that now use PunchTab. While we’re not ready to support this in a point and click manner we have written some basic tutorials on how to do a little or a lot of customization. Here are links to some customization how-tos, we assume that you know some HTML and CSS to get started:

1. Changing just the red Rewards tab image

2. Completely customizing the look and feel and position of the Rewards tab

3. Changing the look and feel of our newly-released sidebar widget

4. Turn off the little red ribbons that appear next to your social sharing buttons

In the not too distant future we’ll have a point and click customization wizard, so hang in there!

If you get around to customizing any of the above please post a link here so that others can learn from what you’ve created!


  1. Christopher

    Hi, i am looking to adding punchtab to my site. It is a tumblr powered site. Can i have punchtab on a tumblr powered site?

  2. This is great! Now, we can have more options in using PunchTab! Will bookmark this for sure :)

  3. Tommy

    yes, you can. it’s very easy to do. they have a guide on how to do this once you’re all signed up and ready have punchtab running on your tumblr. i have it running on my tumblr site here and it work very well.

  4. I took #2 above and using the red reward button added it to my left sidebar. Thanks PT..

  5. Christopher

    thanks for the reply tommy.

  6. Ranjith Kumaran (Author)

    Cool, I like the call to action you added to the tab. We’ll send folks over when they ask for examples.

  7. I didn’t know we could turn off those ribbons beside the social media buttons. Thanks!

    I wonder if we could customize them (those ribbons beside the buttons), say change the color.

    I guess I need to wait until you released the customization wizard. :D

  8. Ranjith Kumaran (Author)

    Yes, we’ll be letting you do a lot more like this, have fun!

  9. Julie

    Would be nice for your website to have a listing of the businesses that use Punch Tab.
    I LOVE getting rewards for visiting/shopping at my favorite websites!
    Love the idea……good luck!

  10. Ranjith Kumaran (Author)

    Hi Julie, we’ll eventually have an opt-in directory of sites and giveaways, stay tuned.

  11. Christopher

    Another question. For my site i will be having a coming soon site with a link leading to the tumblr page where the final site will be. Just preparing for a new branding and business structure. If i add the punchtab to the tumblr site with a ‘’ domain name and then choose to change it to a ‘.com’ will that affect the points that my users will have, resulting in it removing their points to zero?

  12. Ranjith Kumaran (Author)

    Points are tied to a specific domain at this time so it would reset the points. In the future we’re going to make this a little more flexible.

  13. harry


    I’ve succesfully install the punchtab. just my social sharing medi abutton doesnt have the red ribbon (using sharethis)
    Kindly assist


  14. Ranjith Kumaran (Author)

    We don’t yet support third party sharing plugins, working on it!

  15. Interesting product ranjith.

    When is the customization wizard out?

  16. Ranjith Kumaran (Author)

    Hi, just saw your question. We are preparing our APIs first that will let custom designs be built easily; then we can wrap this in a wizard for easy editing. Look for the APIs to arrive in the month of September, we’ll provide an update at that point, thanks for your patience!

  17. ganesh

    I am looking to use punchtab, but to be honest am not too excited by the look of the platform… I would like to customize the feel so it meshes with the theme of my website. I do not mind the powered by punchtab, that is fine, however, I do mind the look of the dashboard, etc… Simple colour and logo upload utilization is needed to take punchtab to the next level

  18. Ranjith Kumaran (Author)

    Hi Ganesh, thanks for your note. Right now you can fully customize everything apart from the overlay as much as you want (follow the instructions in the post, let us know if you need help). We’ll slowly let you customize the overlay as well, watch for a major update before the end of the year.

  19. Interesting and neat concept. Let’s see if this works well and I will recommend this to two other communities that I’m managing.

  20. I am bored and now getting frustrated trying to get this this to work ! will remove in morning ! good night

  21. Mo

    Hello everyone,

    i’m running a Joomla 1.5 site, and everything is working fine for basic function. I’m trying to add more action and rewards custom points, just can’t find any information pertaining to Joomla sites.

    Also, is there a way to award points for users who “Check-in” to our business on FB, or Foursqare? Please advice,

    Thank you

  22. Daniel

    I’ll need help with customizing this later when our website goes live. Send me an email if you’d like to tackle this job. Thanks,

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