Foursquare Hackathon!

We’re a start up. We live and breath all things Silicon Valley. So when we hear the word “hackathon”, our engineering team doesn’t question if they’re going to enter the hackathon, they question what awesome costumes they’ll wear while coding their fingers to the bone, fueled on RedBull and falafels during a 29-hour long, brain-busting, product-building frenzy.

In this case, our trifecta of twenty-something French engineers went with the perpetual classic Mexican wrestling masks, while taking the opportunity to knock out a brand new product…

Announcing PunchTab for Foursquare! Business owners can now reward their customers for checking in and sharing their activity on Facebook and Twitter via foursquare. Any site owner can easily add their physical location to their current Punchtab rewards program in just a couple clicks.

Turn on PunchTab for Foursquare and let the check-in’s roll!

Ben, Arthur, and Mehdi, Hackathon ready.



  1. This is pretty cool!

  2. Adam

    Like this!

  3. random


  4. Stacy


  5. sebena

    I like it!

  6. Great idea with being able to tie foursquare into punchtab. Now we can do gamification not only on our physical site but also on our websites. Thanks guys!!

  7. Haimamamia Lee

    so coool!

  8. guest

    Nice :) :)

  9. jiujiujiu


  10. fores


  11. guest

    Nice ^^ punchtab is the best!

  12. ben

    i love using foursquare!

  13. Arpita

    Me love Foursquare toooooo!

  14. abc

    wo~~it is so nie~c

  15. Krishna Singh

    nice pic…

  16. guest

    more please !

  17. Praveen Vishnu Shamain

    Thank You.

  18. GHOTI227

    Thank you!

  19. lune lovewood

    thankies ok ok ok ok ok ok ok this is ok

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