New month = new rewards and new daily earning opportunities

So it’s been a while since we put new rewards in the catalog.  Here’s why:
We had a few requests in the past about not rotating the rewards out so often. However we then received a lot of feedback last month about continuing to have new surprises every month too. Guess we’ll have to figure out the right cadence for this…

That being said we’re happy to feature a new entry this month: a $10 gift card from Barnes & Noble. This one is limited to 1 per user as supplies are limited and we want to spread the love. There’s a chance that we’ll add one more special reward this month, we’re working on it as I type.

We’ve also added more daily earning opportunities for you to get more points every day. Specifically, our very popular Foursquare check-in system that has been rolled out by dozens of sites who are using PunchTab to power their loyalty systems. If you see that the program you’re part of has claimed their Foursquare venue make sure to visit often. If you don’t see it then gently remind the site owner. ;)

As always, let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll do our best to make PunchTab more and more fun.


  1. Maybe have a selection which site owners can choose from to add to or remove from the catalog based on availability.

  2. robyn

    Thanks for the feedback, Kris! We’ll look into it.

  3. Thanks for this update! I’m glad I could use my points now, been accumulated because I don’t appreciate the previous rewards.

    Thanks again! :)

  4. this is great news.. thanks.. surely this would make it more exciting

  5. Ranjith Kumaran (Author)

    Yes, I remember you saying that BN would be a good one. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Giorgos!!

    Great service!Although i am experiencing problems when i am going to redeem my points.Is this temporary?

  7. Chris Y.

    yeah i get some problems too, but otherwise service is great most of the time

  8. Sally

    i wish the red strips would appear consistently!

  9. Chris Y.

    I’m hoping for new prizes soon

  10. avril

    I’m very appreciate for rewards

  11. Stacy


  12. awesome i like that,

  13. Stavros


  14. sym khan


  15. ali

    nice one

  16. defhead


  17. stacy


  18. guest

    nice!! interesting

  19. jiujiujiu


  20. Betty


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  22. Kwilt

    super awesome.:)

  23. kris

    Please bring new things! :)

  24. Betty

    thank you!

  25. Betty

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  26. Trying to figure out the Foursquare check-in system.