12 Days of Christmas Giveaway: Win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

While Lords of Leaping and Ladies Dancing may have been fun in the 1800’s, we thought we’d put a modern spin on the 12 Days of Christmas. As much as we labored over a list of 12 spectacular prizes, we decided we’d keep it simple.

For 12 days we’ll be giving away $50 Gift Cards to Amazon. Simply to spread the holiday cheer and to get you guys to try out our new giveaway widget. It’s in beta testing and we want to know what you think.

So give it a whirl and enter to win while you’re at it. The giveaway starts now and ends the day after Christmas so you’ll probably have to keep the gift card for yourself. ;-)

Happy Holidays from the PunchTab Team!


  1. rus

    wah, another giveaway! ^^

  2. Isaac Hill

    This didnt work for me. It froze at step 2. is this the same app that you offer your clients? I was referred to this site by Rand Fishkin, but now I am not so sure I should use it for my clients. Maybe it was just a bug?…and how to I get back to step 4 after refreshing? Thanks.

  3. Stacy L.

    I don’t really use widgets but I like that you are constantly working on making the site better.

  4. Adil Farooq

    Oh wow another giveaway its awesome…:)

  5. Adil Farooq

    Oh wow another giveaway its awesome..:)

  6. Ashley H.

    I like the new widget.

  7. Kerry M

    Love it!

  8. I like how it displays the number of entries and days left. Can you customize it for either twitter or facebook?

  9. Nancy Puckett


  10. Rachel

    Amazon $$$ are one of the surest ways to my heart!

  11. Denny Dispennette

    love it

  12. Matthew Arney

    widgets are cool…. this one seems to work.

  13. Judy

    Love it!

  14. Oh wow another giveaway its awesome..:)

  15. I’m loving the new giveaway gadget. I can’t wait for an opportunity to use it on BuyZombie… which.. should be coming up soon actually!

  16. T Peterson

    I could take it or leave it.

  17. Nuraziawati Mat Yazik

    Love it very much. Soo interesting

  18. Cat Travis

    love Amazon and am getting acquainted with punch tab. could sure use this gift card.

  19. Mark

    love the widget. any chance to win amazon gift card, i’m in.

  20. Vanessa Kowalski

    This gadget is nice and simple which I like, but the Facebook connect did not work in Chromium on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.7.2

  21. If only it could detect the commenting automatically !


    love it

  23. Sarah Holt

    When I use your widget on timberdoodle, it is usually glitchy. But this looks promising. Unfortunately, I don’t tweet.

  24. Tommy

    punchtab is awesome stuff!

  25. Deanna G.

    Love it! :)

  26. I wish luck to all participants

  27. Tong Chung

    punchtab makes visiting my favorite sites more awesome!

  28. guest

    I hope I can keep up w/ punchtab when i get busy.

  29. Kj

    I like the look of the new widget.

  30. Kindo


  31. Doodle

    Not bad :).

  32. I know. If we wanted to detect the commenting automatically we would have to use our own commenting system which some bloggers and publishers don’t like. Would that be something that you would want as an option?

  33. Hmm. I will have our engineers look into that. Sorry about that! Thanks for letting us know.

  34. Getting a 405 on posting . . .:-(

  35. Are you asking if you can customize adding a follow/tweet and/or the specific page to like and brand to fan? Or are you asking if it can be customized to run on those channels?

    It quickly (and I mean, in one click) can run on FB. And you can also choose to add or subtract any of the steps you went through. See it here

    If you want to post to Facebook, you just add your account and click Save. See it here

  36. If you are using comments, our widget requires you to log back into the giveaway to continue entering. The problem is once the page refreshes after posting a comment, the widget reloads. I know this isn’t the best user experience and we’re working on fixing it so after a comment is posted and the widget reloads it loads exactly where you left off. Stay tuned on that one because I’m not a fan of how that works either. You don’t have to use the commenting portion if you want to avoid that. I can tell you most people figure it out and it has little impact on abandonment.

    See how easy it is to add or remove steps here

  37. Did you ever try again? I let our engineers know.

  38. Frank Tan

    The widget is OK. For me, the jury is still out longterm.

  39. Happy about the giveaway which is better than nothing

  40. david adams

    had trouble getting it to work from my iphone.. :(

  41. Eric

    widget is pretty cool!

  42. Hasim bin Derashid

    Gorgeous and great

  43. Tommy Perry

    It is great!

  44. so far the plugin in good. not sure about those red “ribbons” everywhere on the site thought. what are they supposed to do? would also be nice if there were a couple of styling options, for instance, if i could change the “red” ribbon to a different color. was a tad bit confusing but great altogether.

  45. janessa

    i don’t think love is enough. i ADORE it!

  46. janessa

    i got a 405 when entering the comment…

  47. Ranjith Kumaran

    What browser(s) are you using? We’ll check it out, just email us at support@punchtab.com.

  48. Ranjith Kumaran

    Can you shoot us a note to support@punchtab.com, we’ve got over 3000 sites using us now so there should be no major issues. Would love to help figure out what’s up.

  49. The best looking widget I have ever seen.

  50. francois

    it’s gorgeous!

  51. mehdi


  52. I could really use this for some books!

  53. I should really use it for sme books.

  54. I’m loving Punchtab.
    But I have a question: Are the gift cards redeemable by international users? My site is focused to the Latinamerican and Spanish market.

  55. Jach

    Awesome, hope lucky enough to win this

  56. Chris Y.

    i really want this

  57. Love it! Makes it easy to enter!

  58. akram

    so far the plugin in good. not sure about those red “ribbons” everywhere on the site thought. what are they supposed to do? would also be nice if there were a couple of styling options, for instance, if i could change the “red” ribbon to a different color. was a tad bit confusing but great altogether.

  59. akram

    nice giveaway!

  60. I love the new design.

    More so, I love the functionality.

  61. I like total entries and days left info.

    Why no entries as I follow @punchtab already?

  62. Sally

    great for textbooks

  63. Chris Y.

    are winners contacted by email?

  64. Akshay

    I totally missed this giveaway! :(

  65. prout

    Nice !

  66. Kelly

    wish there was a contest

  67. Stavros


  68. Brandy Shields

    missed out

  69. jiujiujiu


  70. guest

    Cool! punchtab is the best!

  71. abc


  72. abc

    cul~~~very cujl~

  73. Krishna Singh

    Hurry up friends.

  74. Haimamamia Lee

    fun and nice

  75. GHOTI227

    how do we get notifications about these things?

  76. noor


  77. duha


  78. kriss

    hope it is on again next year!