Big News from Twitter!

When we read on Mashable about all the cool new things that Twitter is rolling out. We thought we should share:

Along with Twitter’s redesign announcement Thursday, the service has rolled out a new way to let website owners embed tweets that give visitors the ability to reply, retweet and favorite without leaving the page. Twitter users now can place embeddable tweets on their websites by simply using one line of code. A single-click action also lets visitors follow the creator of a tweet… (read more)

We think this whole embedded Tweet thing is pretty dang cool- Twitter’s Brian Ellin walks users through a quick how-to in his recent blog post.

But just like adding a PunchTab Giveaway or Loyalty Program to your website or blog, embedding a tweet is crazy easy and allows your users to engage within a post, follow or favorite a tweet, click on live links and lean more about conversations that are happening beyond your website. It’s as simple as clicking on the “details” link on a tweet, then select “Embed this tweet”.

You copy and paste the code and, boom:


We’re excited about how this is going to make a difference for our PunchTab users and interested in seeing the adoption of these new features.

What are you thoughts? Have you checked out the new features? Plan on using them?



  1. Adil

    I am going to check this new feature.

  2. Adil

    I am going to check this new feature…

  3. rus

    my twitter haven’t updated yet. still the old design. ><

  4. Rachel

    Also still waiting for this much-talked-about Twitter update…

  5. One of Twitter’s great features was its simplicity. By trying to incorporate all the power user tools they risk confusing the more casual user.

  6. Waiting for the Twitter update. I love Twitter!!!!!

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  8. Sally

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    Waiting for the Twitter update. I love Twitter!!!!!

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    merry christmas!

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    please post new updates.

  12. Good for Twitter

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    more twitter giveaways please!

  14. erica

    this seems very cool, i love twitter, glad there adding more things

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    very cool

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