Startups and booze. It’s a thing.

Leave it to the mobile developer with a gaming background to introduce the alcohol…

As we settle into our new office (updates on that later), we’ve started to piece together all the cliche and necessary components a start up needs… A Nurf armory, a skateboard, a dashboard with up-to-the-second analytics… and now, thanks in part to the holidays, we’ve got adult beverages.

I was out of the office yesterday when I got this:

Today… We’ve gone multicultural with Scotch and Samosas (Yeah, Scotch and Samosas… so good!):

So yes we work nutty hours because we really, really care about what we’re doing and how our users feel about it. We’re running a no-fat team where our amazing founders put our Ikea desks together themselves. We don’t have a super fancy office. We don’t have little corporate luxuries. We don’t even have a sink. But what PunchTab does have is a crazy awesome team of talented people that I feel super lucky to work with. And now. We’ve got booze. (Thanks Ben!)

Even amongst the piles of empty monitor boxes and a half put together couch, things are feeling complete around here.

I’m feeling compelled to go girly tomorrow… Mimosas anyone?

The French intern's induction.