Startups and booze. It’s a thing.

Leave it to the mobile developer with a gaming background to introduce the alcohol…

As we settle into our new office (updates on that later), we’ve started to piece together all the cliche and necessary components a start up needs… A Nurf armory, a skateboard, a dashboard with up-to-the-second analytics… and now, thanks in part to the holidays, we’ve got adult beverages.

I was out of the office yesterday when I got this:

Today… We’ve gone multicultural with Scotch and Samosas (Yeah, Scotch and Samosas… so good!):

So yes we work nutty hours because we really, really care about what we’re doing and how our users feel about it. We’re running a no-fat team where our amazing founders put our Ikea desks together themselves. We don’t have a super fancy office. We don’t have little corporate luxuries. We don’t even have a sink. But what PunchTab does have is a crazy awesome team of talented people that I feel super lucky to work with. And now. We’ve got booze. (Thanks Ben!)

Even amongst the piles of empty monitor boxes and a half put together couch, things are feeling complete around here.

I’m feeling compelled to go girly tomorrow… Mimosas anyone?

The French intern's induction.



  1. Sally

    tis the season for egg nog shakes and soft serve

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    it actually seems pretty awesome to work at punchtab

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    i just tried egg nog ice cream the other day.

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