PunchTab Awards 100MM Loyalty Points!

We hit a couple of pretty awesome milestones at the end of 2011 and we’re proud to share the news: PunchTab loyalty programs are now on nearly 4000 sites and over 100 million points have been awarded.

Today is my official one year mark as PunchTab Founder and CEO and I’m really proud of the team we’ve constructed and feel like we’ve accomplished so much in the last several months. I’m really confident that 2012 will bring even more success.

We’re passionate about what we’re doing and very committed to building the best products on the market. We’re beyond thankful for the early customers who have provided feedback and suggestions to help us shape PunchTab’s offerings into the loyalty platform they’ve needed and we’re looking forward to doing more of the same this year. 

Happy new year all, really looking forward to the next 12 months.


  1. Adam

    any giveaway as a reward for us ? hehe

  2. They already do a slew of giveaways as it is ;)

  3. rus

    u guys have done an awesome job in 2011 so grats. :)
    and happy new year to everyone! ^^

  4. Stacy

    wow congrats!

  5. Adil Farooq

    Congrats you have done awesome job :)

  6. Chris Y.


  7. My visitors love it that a Zynga Game Card is available as reward, this is a great move also from punchtab’s end as Zynga holds +200 million players in their games.

  8. guest

    woot woot!

  9. sym


  10. Jonelle

    Hoping you have some point contest or fun challenges!

  11. pipi

    nice !!!

  12. guest

    i hope ya’lls traffic skyrockets!

  13. Jonelle

    Thanks for offering this program!

  14. Shazi

    great news

  15. Chris Y.

    i’ve got a good share

  16. Jonelle

    love coming for the loyalty points! TY

  17. Mia

    wishing i could earn points quicker

  18. Steve

    Great team

  19. Jonelle

    4000 sites is amazing!

  20. Jonelle

    great contest…

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  22. Haimamamia Lee

    So cool

  23. Haimamamia Lee


  24. Stacy Allum

    great contest

  25. Kim

    awesome contest.

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  27. Kim

    earning punch tab points is cool.

  28. Kim

    really cool.

  29. wisely

    coolest way to earn points :)

  30. wisely

    hahaha lolx :)

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  32. Cindi

    Thanks for the cool site

  33. nasz

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  35. nasz

    points need laaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  37. Krishna Singh

    Congrats @punch tab..

  38. carvey