Cool Giveaways with PunchTab: Create your own or just enter ours!

PunchTab Powered Giveaways Are Simple:

This is what it looks like to create a PunchTab giveaway

Make your giveaways viral, increase participation and extend your reach online and via mobile devices. Creating your own takes seconds (and it’s free). Check out what it looks like and if you’re ready to get started, get signed up!

Step 1: Create your giveaway. It literally takes seconds. 

  • Enter the giveaway name
  • Choose how users enter (via Facebook and email or email only)
  • Select the giveaway end date
  • Enter the prize and details
  • Choose how people earn entries: enter your twitter handle, create a custom tweet, create a custom question that people can answer in the comments section, enter your fan page, select a URL you want people to like and +1.





Step 2: Publish your giveaway on your website, blog or Facebook page.

PunchTab will create a snippet of code you can copy and paste or you can add it to your Facebook page.

Copy and paste the code or link to your Facebook page.


That’s it!

Wondering what it looks like? Enter our giveaway below!

If you just want to see what the user experience looks like, enter our giveaway below and you may just get lucky and win a $50 gift card.

We’ll pick one winner by the 5th of the following month. (for example, we’ll pick January’s winner on Feb 5). If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll get an email from us. That’s it!

How do you enter? It’s simple: just sign-up below and follow the steps.

Enjoy and good luck!

2012 Winners:

January’s Winner: Kathy – Dallas Cowboys Fan