Cool Giveaways with PunchTab: Create your own or just enter ours!

PunchTab Powered Giveaways Are Simple:

This is what it looks like to create a PunchTab giveaway

Make your giveaways viral, increase participation and extend your reach online and via mobile devices. Creating your own takes seconds (and it’s free). Check out what it looks like and if you’re ready to get started, get signed up!

Step 1: Create your giveaway. It literally takes seconds. 

  • Enter the giveaway name
  • Choose how users enter (via Facebook and email or email only)
  • Select the giveaway end date
  • Enter the prize and details
  • Choose how people earn entries: enter your twitter handle, create a custom tweet, create a custom question that people can answer in the comments section, enter your fan page, select a URL you want people to like and +1.





Step 2: Publish your giveaway on your website, blog or Facebook page.

PunchTab will create a snippet of code you can copy and paste or you can add it to your Facebook page.

Copy and paste the code or link to your Facebook page.


That’s it!

Wondering what it looks like? Enter our giveaway below!

If you just want to see what the user experience looks like, enter our giveaway below and you may just get lucky and win a $50 gift card.

We’ll pick one winner by the 5th of the following month. (for example, we’ll pick January’s winner on Feb 5). If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll get an email from us. That’s it!

How do you enter? It’s simple: just sign-up below and follow the steps.

Enjoy and good luck!

2012 Winners:

January’s Winner: Kathy – Dallas Cowboys Fan



  1. I run giveaways as both of a way to reward our readers and attract new ones!

  2. Chris Y.

    This is really awesome, giveaways are perfect for attracting viewers

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    I want to run giveaways to get more facebook and twitter followers.

  14. Just install this feature from CloudFlare – Now I just have to wait an see if it brings more interaction to my site :)

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    my self-created MP3 unlockables

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    Frankly, giveaways are a great way to get more users to visit and be a member of your site. The downside is once your giveaway has ended, the same users might stop visiting your site, un-follow you on Twitter, un-Like your page on Facebook, etc. But there lies the challenge—once you’ve finally got the attention of a lot more visitors, how will you be able to make them stay and come back regularly? How can you make them engaged? How can you convert them from being just a visitor to being a website user/member?

  31. Alex

    I would host a giveway to let people less fortunate than me get free stuff.

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  44. Tons of fun!
    You are making it easy, too!

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    For fun!

  46. This is cool. I will have to try it out and see if this works better then the other program I am already using.

  47. Mia

    I run giveaways to reward loyal readers of my blog, showcase products I enjoy and attract new readers :D

  48. I`d run giveaways to get more traffic

  49. i’d like to hear people are happy with winning on the giveaway

  50. Terri

    I don’t have a blog so don’t run giveaways, but I enter lots of them. I have quit entering giveaways on blogs that require all entries be separate comments. Much prefer widgets for ease & speed.

  51. Giveaways are a great way to get traffic

    I couldn’t get this widget to work at all in IE btw – working fine so far in Firefox.

  52. I run giveaways to attract new followers and as a special thanks to my readers.

  53. I run giveaways as both of a way to reward our readers and attract new ones!

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  82. Not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?

  83. Cathy, what version of IE? I want to make sure we look into it. What do you mean by “not work”? Did it not display or were you unable to take any actions?

  84. It’s so good to be here I simply love cool stuff. But I also enjoy advocating for cancer research I will be attending my first Relay For Life doing this in Honor Of Farrah Fawcett and many others who have been diagnosed with this painful cancer and those who have lost their lives, This Relay will be for you from a very grateful anal cancer survivor.

  85. Ana

    Great idea!

  86. Jonelle

    I cant wait to get this running on my button website… waiting for the right prize to post for it.

  87. Jonelle

    I think you have an amazing idea and need to run with it… I visit the cegamers site every day and keep tight tabs on my punchtab points. Unfortunately they keep getting “set back” a few hundred points and that is very frustrating. I have not used any of the points. I was up to 12000 points and now I am back down to 11400 on the gamers site.


  89. Chris Y.

    @Jonelle, sometimes the count is a couple days behind

  90. Jonelle

    Thank you Chris, I am doing screen snippits with the dates showing definate decreases evern just between yesterday and today. The points where showing yesterday and then setback today at the cegamers site at least.

  91. Jonelle

    I havent set up a giveaway yet but I think it is growing and will try one in the very near future.

  92. Jonelle

    My Points are really rolling backwards at the cegamers website …. I was up to 12,000 points… then down to 11,000 points and I have entered all possible ways every day… Now today I go to the site and my points are rolled back again to 10,600 before I earned daily points. What could the problem be? I do have screen shots if anyone cares to see them.

  93. Jonelle

    Im really enjoying hunting out the punchtab sites. I have found so many interesting web pages with a bonus of a giveaway! Thanks again…

  94. Jonelle

    This issue was fixed… it had to do with the last 3o days.

  95. Great stuff and it’s better than “” website which you can auto-pilot to your Facebook page. Keep it coming.

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  100. Brandy Shields

    I love giveaways!!!!!

  101. I run giveaways all the time – but this seems limited compared to Rafflecopter. You can’t define your own entries. There’s no ‘cookie’ held or way to ensure the person entering only enters once.

  102. Michelle H.

    It increases following of my blog and it’s fun to make someone else a winner and brighten their day.

  103. Doug

    Testing for using it for a few of my own giveaways.

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    Punchtab makes me sing…text my friend and bam…….. 100 points agannnnnnnnnnnnnn….Oh Punch tab, Oh punchtab gosh, darn I gotta bike badge….heck next I might be major….hell please call all your neighbors…..Heckers, I just won diner with the Dalai Lama…Oh Punchtab your even spiritual toooooooooo!

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  146. Nice contest, can extsiing customers enter? I ordered my first bottle of Allu a few weeks ago and so far it appears to be working rather well. Thanks Dr. Bute!

  147. Great to see an alternative giveaway service!

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