The second largest search engine isn’t Bing or Yahoo

It’s YouTube. Many people know this, some people don’t. But regardless, now that they’ve launched some great new features (and if you’re like us), it’s time to get started taking video more seriously.

Step 1. Get the new YouTube interface. You can simply go to your channel and you should be prompted to check it out.

Step 2. Get videos.

I know, right? Seems simple but many people think this is a lot harder than it is. Where do you begin? Product videos? Sure, those are good. But there may be more videos out there that your users or customers may have already created for you.

So why not leverage it? There are tons of PunchTab videos on YouTube and all we have to do is add them to our favorites so anyone viewing our channel can see them.

If the goal is to create awareness, then the more content out there about you the better. So don’t fight it, use it!

User generated videos are also great. Run a giveaway with PunchTab asking people to create videos and paste them in a link in the comments section. If you’re using Facebook comments on your blog, you’ll get even more reach because your users networks will also be able to like and comment on the videos they’ve just shared.

Step 3. Reward people for visiting your YouTube channel. 

I bet you didn’t know that you can award points for visiting your YouTube channel. Here’s how:

In a typical page you may have a button or a link that say: Check us out on YouTube. And your HTML may look like:

<a href=""> Check us out on YouTube!</a> 

All you need to to is add the code in red:

<a href="" onClick='_ptq.push(["view",{"points":10}]);'> Check us out on YouTube! </a> 
So, how 'bout you see it in action and actually check out our YouTube channel?

Step 4. Leverage all those great videos on your site and reward-enable them.

Our founder, Ranjith, created a couple of blog posts on this. Read the post, get the code and see a demo of it.


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