Arby’s Gourmazing PunchTab Giveaway!

This last week, Arby’s launched their new market fresh Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich and to get users extra excited to try it and tell their friends they’ve rolled out a PunchTab powered Giveaway!

To drive awareness for the launch of their Market Fresh Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich, Arby’s launched a $10,000 giveaway on Facebook where users earn entries for Instagram uploads, check-ins on Foursquare, inviting friends, watching and sharing their commercial, tweeting and more.

It’s only been a week, but the results are already impressive. Leveraging multiple social channels and offering earning opportunities both online and off seems to be working quite well for our friends at Arby’s. We’ll keep you posted on the final results with another Customer Spotlight post.

For now, check out what they’re doing, enter to win… and consider- What can PunchTab do for your brand?


  1. Jonelle

    Love to watch Punchtab growing and expanding!

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    wonderful promotion I’ll be sure to check it out

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    Wow!! a $10,000 giveaway!!! :D

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    It’s good to hear about these things!

  6. Natalie H.

    been playing the Arby’s hard to get people to help!

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    cool stuff

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    I missed it! :(

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    awesome!!wonderful promotion

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    Too bad it’s over. It seemed great.

  16. I like this giveaway

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    great contest!

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  20. abc

    Love to watch Punchtab growing

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    incredible contest

  23. punchtab is awesome!

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    Aw, I missed it. I hope they have another one next year! :)

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    It is awesome.

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  27. nice one guys … i likee itt…

  28. nice one guys … i likee itt…

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