PunchTab’s Custom Catalog Just Got Better!

The Custom Catalog Feature is Better Than Ever!

If you’re still using the default catalog, consider adding a custom version. When prizes are well aligned to your user base, your members are even more incentivized to take those daily point-earning actions. Some great customized catalogs we’ve seen are offering discounts or coupons towards future purchases, free shipping, logo t-shirts and stickers, or gift cards for things topical to their site activity. You can also limit the number of each prize available so users have to win their way to the top to get them!

And! We’ve made the custom catalog even better. This week our rockstar, ice-hockey playing engineer rolled out some sweet new features just for you. Now you can drag-and-drop images to your prize catalog so your users can see exactly what they’re working for. Add an unlimited number of customized treats and keep that leaderboard active with competition! Head to your dashboard and check it out!

And if you want to catch Arthur playing ice hockey, you can watch games in live stream. (He’s pretty dang good, too.)