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PunchTab Giveaways Just Got Better- Way Better!

We’re really excited to announce the new and improved PunchTab Giveaway widget.

Not only have we rolled out a new (and pretty awesome) design, we’ve also made it even easier to set up and publish your giveaway. We’ve also added some of the features you’ve been asking for!

Choose up to six ways for users to enter your giveaway, covering all the super social bases- Liking your giveaway, Liking your fan page, Tweeting, Following, Commenting, and +1-ing. All these Word of Mouth marketing tools will help you get noticed on the networks of your users. And with our new easy preview window, you can see exactly what it will look like to them.

You can now choose how users sign up for your giveaway- select email only or, for super viral giveaways, you can allow them to connect with both Facebook and email. Before this update, users who signed up using just an email address could only get one entry, now they can take other entry earning steps- helping their chances to win while further promoting your giveaway. We’ve even added the ability to customize your giveaway rules for different states and countries.

And for all you WordPress users we’ve made a few changes to our plug-in, per your request. Now when users leave a comment, the page refreshes and takes them back to your giveaway- right where they left off.

Basically, we’re proud of our newest release and we’re pumped up for you to try it.

Head over to your PunchTab dashboard and get started!


Giveaways for Facebook Pages

Many of you have asked if we can help you run giveaways on your Facebook fan page. Today we’re announcing that this feature is now available.  You now have an easy way to setup a PunchTab giveaway and add it on your Facebook fan page within a giveaway tab. So once you have created your fan page (or if you already have one), just log in to and follow the steps to create a new giveaway and then chose the “Facebook Page” option.

Facebook Page giveaway installation

We have a lot of functionality coming that will help you build engagement on your Facebook presence and reward loyal users via social media.  If you have questions you can post them here or contact us via email / chat.