Reward users for watching videos on your site (The easy version)

We received a lot of good feedback about our last post on rewarding users for viewing YouTube videos. One common request was how to use the standard YouTube player instead of the (chromeless) custom player. In this example the standard player is used but the viewer must watch the entire video, start to finish, in […]

PunchTab Awards 100MM Loyalty Points!

We hit a couple of pretty awesome milestones at the end of 2011 and we’re proud to share the news: PunchTab loyalty programs are now on nearly 4000 sites and over 100 million points have been awarded. Today is my official one year mark as PunchTab Founder and CEO and I’m really proud of the […]

Reward users for watching YouTube videos on your site

We’ve been asked a number of times about how to use the PunchTab SDK to reward-enable video views. Here’s a quick and dirty tutorial video (from our retro “found footage” archive) that shows one way to do it. Some useful code and a few notes are also included below. In the future you’ll see automated […]

New month = new rewards and new daily earning opportunities

So it’s been a while since we put new rewards in the catalog.  Here’s why: We had a few requests in the past about not rotating the rewards out so often. However we then received a lot of feedback last month about continuing to have new surprises every month too. Guess we’ll have to figure […]

PunchTab on Marketing Tech Blog in half an hour

Just a quick reminder that we’ll be on Marketing Tech Blog Radio today at noon pacific / 3pm eastern time. Tune in and find out the latest: