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How to reward users for opting-in, signing up, visiting a page and more!

Many of our users still don’t realize that there are almost 20 additional actions you can reward-enable using PunchTab’s JS SDK. I created an FAQ on our Knowledge Base that has the code you need to get started.

For those of you like me, don’t let the “JS SDK” scare you. It’s actually quite simple to copy and paste this code and add it to many of the things you are already doing.

***BONUS: If you click on the link above, you’ll see that I actually reward-enabled clicking on the link.***

You can choose to reward-enable without telling people (our customer Thwipster does this as an extra “thank you” to customers who can use their points towards future purchases), OR you can highlight the fact that visitors, users and customers can earn bonus points. How can you incentivize them if they don’t know about it!. You choose what’s right for your business.

Here are some examples I KNOW many of you can put into practice right away:

1. Reward-enable your newsletter or email opt-ins. You can do this 3 ways: when someone clicks the submit button, when the confirmation page loads using HTML or AJAX. If you already have this page, all you need to do is add the snippet of code.

2. Rewarding the submission of ANY form. You can use the same code for email opt-ins for forms. Reward people for creating accounts, signing up, etc. Add this to any or all of your forms or confirmation pages.

3. Visting a page. We all have specific pages we want people to see. Drive more traffic to featured content or featured sites (such as your Facebook page or YouTube channel). Why don’t you check out PunchTab’s YouTube channel and earn more points!

4. Downloading a document or file. B2B marketers, publishers, app developers, etc may want to drive people to download a whitepaper, eBook, free app or user guide. Give ‘em that extra little nudge. You already have these documents or files on your website so add the code snippet to reward-enable it.

Check out the complete list and earn 10 points!

We’ve Launched an iPhone App to Help Local Businesses and Their Customers Win!

Today we’re proud to announce the debut of PunchTab Local, a free mobile application that provides local merchants with a way to create viral giveaways, drive in-store traffic and increase social engagement.  (Pretty cool, right!)

The app is available to use anywhere, but we’ve started by launching with more than 35 local businesses across the Bay Area. PunchTab Local puts a modern twist on the classic concept of dropping business cards into a fish bowl to enter a contest. PunchTab Local takes the in-store giveaways that businesses are already running, and makes them mobile, adding the viral power of social sharing and Word of Mouth marketing. To greater incentivize in-store visits, actions are ranked higher as a customer gets closer to the cash register. Using the PunchTab Local app, Customers receive one entry when they “like” a business’ Facebook page and share the giveaway via Twitter or email but receive ten giveaway entries for in-store check-ins.

Daily deal websites offer customers promotional discounts at a significant cost to business owners, creating a one-time buying frenzy, but they do little to inspire loyal and repeat customers. PunchTab Local is free for both merchants and consumers, and bridges the gap between social, mobile and traditional in-store giveaways to incentivize consumers to engage, connect, and most importantly, return to local stores.

“There’s a lifetime value associated with social sharing that extends beyond the cash register or a single transaction. This first release of PunchTab Local is focused on driving social sharing and meaningful in-store activity to both engage customers as well as leverage their social networks,” said PunchTab founder Ranjith Kumaran.

“PunchTab Local is just one example of how PunchTab can power loyalty and reward programs for mobile apps,” Kumaran said. “With our iOS SDK, we’re bringing that functionality to mobile app developers so they can unleash their own creativity with the PunchTab platform. We’re constantly thinking about building products that empower companies to incentivize and reward users wherever they are – mobile, e-commerce, online or in-store.”

More information on the mobile app can be found at www.punchtab.com/punchbowl

Happy downloading!