Reward users for watching videos on your site (The easy version)

We received a lot of good feedback about our last post on rewarding users for viewing YouTube videos. One common request was how to use the standard YouTube player instead of the (chromeless) custom player. In this example the standard player is used but the viewer must watch the entire video, start to finish, in […]

Calling all iPhone and iPad developers… We’ve released our iOS SDK!

Drive Application Awareness and Increase Loyalty by adding a customized loyalty and reward program to your mobile applications
. The iOS SDK is a free toolkit that provides iPhone and iPad developers with the ability to add customized loyalty and reward programs to any mobile application to help boost consumer awareness, user loyalty and meaningful engagement. […]

Hey Developers… We’ve got an SDK!

Wanna beta test? Email us at to learn more about how you can get your code-crazy hands on our java script SDK, our rest API and our secret sauce for IOS! We’ve made it possible for you to customize the look and feel of your rewards program, reward enable even more actions and activities, […]