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Your Marketing Fails When You Lose Focus


Seniors. Boomers. Xers. Millennials. Posts.

Brands spend a lot of time figuring out how to effectively market to each of these demographics. But is it time well spent?

Understanding audience is essential, of course, but there’s no magic formula. And you can’t possibly market to everybody at once, nice as that would be. Yet that’s what you’re doing when you let yourself get lost in generational theory and abstractions.

It’s like trying to get to a specific address with a map that only shows you what state you’re in. The details are pretty crucial to your success.

Let’s say you have a product or service with broad appeal, and these three potential customers:

  • A single white mom who’s 27
  • A married Hispanic man who’s 31
  • A 19-year-old college student

Can you use the same messaging or incentives on all three? Of course not! Yes, they’re all Millennials, but that one common trait is nothing against all of the things they DON’T have in common.

So how do you reach them?

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Want Loyalty and Brand Advocates? Engage Moms.

As the primary decision makers for household purchases, Moms influence 2.4 trillion in spend every year. That’s some serious shopping.

At PunchTab, we can be a little nuts for data, metrics, research and other nerdy things that help us better understand exactly what motivates different consumer segments to try, buy and share products, and engage with brands online and off.

So we did what any other geeked out marketing group would do- we kicked off a massive research series. And we started with the big spenders: Moms.

You can check out the whitepaper, “Scoring Points with Mom“, for all our findings. It’s free to download and we’ve added our own findings to the best secondary research out there! So it’s pretty dang comprehensive.

If you’re looking to engage moms and build loyalty, here’s what you need to know!

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Green Day’s PunchTab-Powered Campaign is a Shorty Industry Award Finalist!

We’re proud to announce that the PunchTab-powered Green Day Numero Uno Fan Contest has been announced as a 5th Annual Shorty Industry Award Finalist.

Green Day’s “Numero Uno Fan” contest generated more than 165,000,000 social impressions and 179,000 social actions by rewarding fans for engaging in all kinda of ways. Fans were encouraged to complete various social actions. Each action earned fans points to move up a leader board and toward the grand prize: tickets to the Green Day concert at Irving Plaza in NYC presented by Nokia Music and AT&T.

And the results were pretty darn impressive.

We’re so excited we decided to host a giveaway.

Enter below and make sure to share the Shorty Nomination with your social networks!

4 Reasons to Add a Loyaty Program to your Website, Blog or ECommerce Site.

If you haven’t seen it yet, PunchTab released our latest product, CRUSH, that helps websites measure social influence and improve website engagement. See the video from the Launch Festival from our co-founder, Ranjith. As a marketer, I was salivating because I was finally able to access the data that would help me calculate the difference in consumer behavior when incentives are introduced.

Because there are so many opinions out there about loyalty programs, what true loyalty is, etc. Let me state my position on loyalty first. PunchTab calls our platform a loyalty platform but in reality what we do is incentivize people to take an action. It’s up to you to make ‘em loyal with a great product, great content, great service and a great brand. We give you a platform and mechanisms to encourage your customers to engage and incentives that reward them for doing so. So when I say loyalty members versus non-loyalty members, I am speaking in the truest sense of the word. These are people who engage with a PunchTab powered program versus people who don’t.

This isn’t a controlled study. Yes, some of these people would have taken these actions with or without an incentive. There are a lot of factors and variables that impact these numbers, but without over-complicating things I just want to share the data because it’s still pretty darn extraordinary.

The Data Sample:

The data I pulled is based on 16M consumers across the PunchTab network of roughly 6000 -7000 sites:

Only 1% of the audience were loyalty members. Most sites will see anywhere from 2-10% of customers or users join the loyalty program (unless you are an online retailer). This number is lower because it’s pulling data from all of our sites including new sites that just joined and haven’t had a chance to build out their loyalty program. The 1% is important because…

80% of social activity came from that 1%. Yep! 80% of social sharing from 1% of the audience.

The Results:

Loyalty members

1. Share 1200X MORE 

2 Comment/contribute to the conversation 200X as much

3. Visit 11X more often

4. Consume 16X the content…

…as non-loyalty members

I talk to a lot of companies from all walks of life every day and they are either looking to:

1. Build their social following
2. Increase their social or online presence
3. Increase acquisition or conversion
4. Increase engagement
5. All of the above

A PunchTab powered giveaway will allow you to do all of that in the short term and a loyalty program will allow you to sustain that in the long term. If you’re not sure how, read this post on a recent giveaway. If you need help doing this with your loyalty program, check out all of the actions you can reward users for taking to support any or all of your goals above. And remember, PunchTab is a tool for rewarding customers. It’s up to you create true brand loyalty. But I won’t lie when I say, loyalty programs are still running for a reason. Because they work. The numbers don’t lie.

I’d love to hear your feedback.