Your Marketing Fails When You Lose Focus

Seniors. Boomers. Xers. Millennials. Posts. Brands spend a lot of time figuring out how to effectively market to each of these demographics. But is it time well spent? Understanding audience is essential, of course, but there’s no magic formula. And you can’t possibly market to everybody at once, nice as that would be. Yet that’s […]

Want Loyalty and Brand Advocates? Engage Moms.

As the primary decision makers for household purchases, Moms influence 2.4 trillion in spend every year. That’s some serious shopping. At PunchTab, we can be a little nuts for data, metrics, research and other nerdy things that help us better understand exactly what motivates different consumer segments to try, buy and share products, and engage […]

Green Day’s PunchTab-Powered Campaign is a Shorty Industry Award Finalist!

We’re proud to announce that the PunchTab-powered Green Day Numero Uno Fan Contest has been announced as a 5th Annual Shorty Industry Award Finalist. Green Day’s “Numero Uno Fan” contest generated more than 165,000,000 social impressions and 179,000 social actions by rewarding fans for engaging in all kinda of ways. Fans were encouraged to complete […]

4 Reasons to Add a Loyaty Program to your Website, Blog or ECommerce Site.

If you haven’t seen it yet, PunchTab released our latest product, CRUSH, that helps websites measure social influence and improve website engagement. See the video from the Launch Festival from our co-founder, Ranjith. As a marketer, I was salivating because I was finally able to access the data that would help me calculate the difference […]